Cornish Bronze (3.7% ABV): A traditional bitter brewed with Maris Otter, crystal and chocolate malts blended with choice hops.


Hop Monster (3.7% ABV): A thirst quenching session bitter with excellent flavours. A strikingly hoppy beer with a finish of citrus fruit on the palate.

HandlinerWPHandliner (4% ABV): A traditional style session bitter. “Delicious,” says the Pints & Pubs blog.

MerryMaidensWPMerry Maidens Mild (4% ABV): Dark and smooth with an impressive full roast flavour that belies its strength. A classic dark mild.

AngelinaWPAngelina (4.1% ABV): A hugely successful golden beer — hoppy, clean and refreshing.


Golden Hinde (4.3% ABV): A sweetish golden beer with refreshing citrus hop finish. Brewers Gold hops give the aroma.

Pier Porter (4.3% ABV): Excellent roast malt flavours in this traditional style porter. Smooth and dark, and easy drinking.

StPiranWPSt Piran’s Porter (6% ABV): A wholesome, full-bodied porter. Heavy malt flavour gives way to a wonderful hop character.

cbseakingSea King (5.5% ABV): Slovenia hops to the fore in this strong, fruity, golden beer. Full bodied, there are hop aromas throughout with a sweet finish.

EriosionWPErosion (7.5% ABV): A beast of a dark old ale, with caramel, molasses and roast malt on the palate, and some liquorice on the finish.

WestCoastWPWest Coast IPA (7.5% ABV): An American-style IPA, heavily hopped yet deceptively drinkable!

KernowImperialWPKernow Imperial Stout (9% ABV): An aroma explosion of roast  malt,  this powerful, warming, dark old stout bursts with molasses and roast malts. Roast caramel adds to the sweet stout finish.

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