SIBA success for Merry Maidens Mild and Poseidon Extra

Alan with SIBA awards WPCoastal Brewery has returned from a major south west beer competition with three awards.

Merry Maiden Mild (4% ABV), already a multi-award winner, won the category for milds and brown ales at the Society of Independent Brewers’ (SIBA) competition, staged in Newton Abbot, before going on to claim the bronze medal in the overall competition.

Poseidon Extra, a golden bitter at 4.5% ABV, was bronze in its cask ale class.

“With so many brewers represented in SIBA these days, it’s good to see that small brewers can on the big boys and win,” said Coastal’s owner and head brewer, Alan Hinde, pictured above.

“Both Merry Maidens and Poseidon Extra have performed well in SIBA competitions before, and the success is reflected in increased sales, not just in Cornwall but around the country, too.”

Coastal beers can be found regularly in popular pubs such as the Star Inn, Crowlas, and The Front, Falmouth, but they enjoy huge popularity in the Midlands and also the North West, from where Alan moved in 2005.

The success of Poseidon Extra has spawned a stronger version of the brew, Poseidon Adventure, which is available now.

Coastal is about to open a new bar next to the brewery, behind its Cornwall Specialist Beer bottle shop, which specialises in foreign – particularly Belgian – beers.


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